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Are you in for some Kingdom building? Disciple making? Life changing? Great Commission work?
YES! What say we remove these annoying rocks?!
Let’s unbury Revive Fest from its financial requirements so that we can get down to the real Kingdom work!
Did you know that ticket sales cover less than half of the total festival’s budget?  That’s why festivals rely on sponsors and individuals to make it financially happen.  There are so many ways you can help, whether in a very small way in removing a single rock or in a big way by removing a forklift load of rocks.
Goal: Raise $50,000.00 and watch the rocks disappear!
How?  Check out these options to see how you can help remove these rocks and REVEAL REVIVE FEST!


1. Simply donate any amount.  You can choose to give a one time gift or a recurring gift.  We have recurring givers that can only afford $5.00 per month, and others who can afford much more! Recurring gifts have played an important role in allowing us to make the deposits to secure We Are Messengers, Rend Collective and Sanctus Real! To donate, click here:



2. Become part of the Revival Crew!
Click this link:
Check out the Revival Crew options below!
Level 1: $100

  • Shout-out on Website and in Program!

 Level 2: $250

  • All Level 1 items

  • Festival Shirt! (Logo shirt from the year of donation)

Level 3: $500

  • All Level 2 items

  • 2 tickets to the Artist Q&A Sessions!

  • 5 entries in the Signed Guitar Giveaway!

Level 4: $1000

  • All Level 3 items

  • 4 single day festival tickets!

  • Framed Revive Fest poster signed by all the artists!



3. Become a Business Sponsor, or approach a Business that you think might just like to help!
When YOU personally approach a business you know, it’s sooooooo much more effective!
Business sponsorships start at $500 and are customizable.  Does your business have the heart for the ministry of Revive Fest, but can’t swing $500+?  Email Director Dave!
Business partnerships include things like website, social media and digital program listings, shout outs, banner, logo or even a commercial on the big screen and stage shout outs.
Here's the link:



4.  Church Partners can also be financial sponsors when you become involved!
Here’s the link:



5. Send a check through good old fashioned snail mail!  Checks are made out to Creator’s Praise Ministries (Organizers of Revive Fest) with “Revive Fest” in the memo.
Checks may be mailed to Creator’s Praise Ministries / PO Box 204 / 163 West Main Street / Mendon, MI 49072

6.  When you purchase your tickets, add on a festival donation right on the ticketing website!
Get Tickets! 


Interested in Creative and In-Kind sponsorship?  Email Director Dave!



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