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Why are there extra fees when I go to buy my tickets?

The fees are what I-tickets charges to use their ticketing platform.  Every ticketing business such as I-Tickets, Eventbrite and Ticketmaster charge fees.   I-Tickets is substantially lower than Ticketmaster, and they are also  a Christian platform. The festival does not possess the technology to sell tickets large scale, so we work with a ticketing platform.

Can I bring a cooler?
Any coolers need to remain in your vehicle at all times. Water bottles are permitted onsite.

Please support our food vendors!

Can I set up a tent / canopy?
Tents are not permitted as they obstruct the view of other attendees.
Rain umbrellas are permitted, but can only be opened up if raining.
There are some areas of shade, so arrive early to secure your spot!

Should I bring a lawn chair?
You should bring a lawn chair or blanket for your comfort.  There is no assigned seating, so arrive early to pick your favorite spot!

What does it cost?

Please see ticket price guidelines and like and follow our Facebook page for special discounts and sales!

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, no pets are allowed at the festival or in the campground on festival weekend.

The volume and activity are too stressful for the animals.

ONLY licensed, uniformed service animals are allowed.  No comfort pets.

Is camping available?

Yes! Click here for details.

No firearms are allowed on the grounds.

No alcohol is allowed on the grounds.

No marijuana is allowed on the grounds.

Cigarette smoking must be contained to the parking area.

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