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REVIVE Workshops

Revive Workshops are FREE TO ATTEND with the purchase of your festival ticket, but you need to reserve your spot! Numbers are limited.  Visit this link, and scroll down to the Revive Workshops to secure your spot!

Radiant Women's Fitness
With Nicole Edson

Saturday @ 10AM on the Riverfront

Saturday, 10AM on the Riverfront

Led by Nicole Edson, Radiant Women's Fitness is group of women who promote exercise and wellness through cardio dance classes! Our unique dances offer a variety of music genres and moves that suit all fitness levels. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned athlete, or just joining the fitness community. Radiant Women's Fitness is a great place to exercise, worship through music and have fun while you're doing it! Radiant Women's Fitness is associated with Radiant Life Church in Sturgis, Michigan. Sign up for this workshop, and get ready to move!

Walking In Confidence, Not Comparison
With Leanna Crawford

Saturday @ 10AM 


When we learn more about who God is and His love for us, we are able to walk in confidence instead of comparison!

For the past three and half years, the singer-songwriter from northwestern Washington, Leanna Crawford, has been writing, touring and singing with some of the biggest names in the Christian music industry. She’s gained more experience than many artists do in a decade, and while her music certainly displays the vocal and songwriting talent of a rising star in CCM, her grounded and honest lyrics make her feel more friend than star and more approachable than untouchable.

“I hope [listeners] feel that I care about them even if I don’t know them,” says Crawford, “that they would feel loved and encouraged.” With songs that speak honestly about doubt and insecurity as well as the hope Christ offers in our darkest moments, Crawford’s listeners will find solace in her kind and wise words, while tapping their feet along to contagious, pop-inspired beats.

Discipleship and Evangelism Through
Board Games?!
With Joe Bragg @11AM Saturday, July 27

Joe & Ray are the hosts of The Christian Board Gamers Podcast, and they have a passion for Jesus, people, and board games. Back in 2022 Joe launched the Christian Board Gamers Facebook group & website, along with Meek Heroes Gaming. By God's grace, Joe has since released 2 Biblically inspired card games, Meek Heroes Victory, and Meek Heroes Clash. Through it all, Joe and Ray have sought to engage the community through board gaming as they seek to do life with others. Board games are a fantastic bridge to connect people and either join them in their walk with Jesus, or point them to Him. People may not accept an invite to church, but they just might accept one to your house for a meal & a game. Consider joining Joe and Ray as they walk us through how to navigate the waters of deep and meaningful relationships through board gaming.

Revive Fest - Past, Present & Future
With Director Dave Saturday @ 11AM

This is an open forum for anyone who wants to volunteer, sponsoror share input on the future of Revive Fest

Buckle Up for Adventure: A Daily Walk With God with Steven Jacobs - Saturday, July 27 @11AM

Steven Jacobs is the author of two devotional booklets, "Season of Remembrance" as well as "Season of Devotion" We may not understand God's working in our lives, but need to rest in the fact that His plan is for our good. Steven also enjoys hiking, fishing, and hunting, so it's no surprise that one of his devotional books is geared especially toward hunters. Join him in this workshop as he shares about God sightings and seeing God in the details!

What Does It Take To Be An Effective Leader? With Sean Rodriguez  
Saturday, July 27 @noon

What does it take to be an effective leader, not only in church, but in your everyday life? A leader for your family, a leader at work, a leader out in the world? How does that look, and how can we ensure that we are representing the Christ we declare to love, through the way that we lead people!

Sean Rodriguez is a worship leader and artist renowned for his breakout pop anthem “Center Stage” and his participation in the 2023 Winter Jam Tour. With an evangelical heritage that shapes his music, Rodriguez is dedicated to celebrating God’s transformative power and majesty.

How to Present the Gospel in This day and Age With Real Talk Christian Podcast  Saturday, July 27 @Noon

​In this modern age full of technology, answers are but a click away, but also with it comes the danger of non truths. How does this affect the Gospel and the way we must present it? Marc Hyde and Chris Fuller invite you to come along for a conversation on a quick history on what presenting the gospel has looked like through the ages, and how to navigate the digital world now to present it.

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